Portrait: Shriguru Balaji També

Shriguru Dr. Balaji També

Spiritual Master and Ayurveda Legend Shriguru Dr. Balaji Tambe merged into Aumkar on 10th August 2021.

We thank him for his limitless vision for humanity, his untiring efforts to revive and spread Ayurveda and Vedic Philosophies all over the world, his genius and unbounded compassion.

Shriguru Dr. Balaji Tambe visited yogakonstanz every year since 2002. 19 concerts - healing music from India and Mantras - and an unforgotten workshop about chakras he held here. Surely he will provide his guidance, his inspiration and love furtheron.

Through the tears we smile, remembering how he made us laugh and taught us to live, love and laugh and not to take ourselves so seriously.

In love of AUM
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